Premier for THOR Grease Trap in the UK

May 3, 2017
The Grease Trap THOR is now available in the UK. Contact us for a demonstration of the machine.

The grease trap THOR is now even smarter

With a new function THOR now sense if there is any FOG still left in the effluent water, making the belt removing the FOG only to operate when there is FOG present. This reduces the water entering the FOG container that needs to be emptied on a daily basis to an absolute minimum.This new function can easily be updated if you already own a THOR grease trap.

FIEDLER Innovations International AB acquires Fettavskiljaren Sverige AB

FIEDLER Innovations International AB is today the owner of Fettavskiljaren Sverige AB.Joakim Fiedler the developer of the grease trap THOR, develops all the company’s products from an environmentally friendly perspective. THOR is a pro-active grease trap cleaning the wastewater direct at the source. THOR is also fully automatic. An alarm alerts you when it is time to empty the fats, oils and grease (FOG) bucket and the solids bucket.
A uniquely designed system to clean out the bottom sediment in the main tank to stop it from fermenting which causes foul odours, making THOR stand head and shoulders above similar products in the market.FIEDLER Innovations International AB is looking forward to a very existing coming year!