Joakim Fiedler is the developer of THOR and has over 25 years’ experience of environmentally friendly product development.

The result is rigorously optimised functionality. The material is sourced to have as little impact as possible on the environment in the manufacturing and recycling process – smart and simple solutions for optimal longevity.

The grease trap THOR effectively cleans the wastewater at the source. THOR is the only grease trap on the market that automatically cleans the bottom of the tank to eliminate odours. The result is the prevention of the formation of methane and hydrogen sulphate gases, a problem associated with similar constructions on the market. THOR saves the environment from up to 5 tonnes hydrogen sulphate emission a year.

The collected solids and the fats, oils and grease can be recycled to biogas and biodiesel.

THOR is the Green alternative for Environmental friendly design – the whole way through